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Ok, this is something I've never done before, and I'm not sure how it will go over with everyone out there. It's taken me a lot of courage and determination to do this, but I think I've really made a contribution to the rich mingling of cultures that is the internet. This is what it's like...
inside my pants.

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Why is this web page black?

Because I like it this way!

And My Ego's Better Than Yours Is


...that pertain to this particular point of space/time.

I'd tell you a little bit about myself, but you don't care.
Ok, ok.. I'm a sensitive, sweet, wonderful individual whose only truly outstanding quality is his humility.
Actually, I get asked a lot of personal questions.. what's your name, what do you do, etc. 'course, that's usually after sex, but sometimes people email me to ask me those things too. So for everyone out there who actually wants to know stuff about me, go here. Personal info seems to be curiously in demand.
SOME people have been accusing me of not actually having any content on my site. Well, just for them, I have decided to separate my stuff from other people's stuff. So here are the links to MY stuff:

New to my site, I thought I'd share some of my favourite hatemail with you all. It's archived Here. I know... you're asking yourself "how could anyone send hatemail to this thoroughly likeable person?" Well, believe it or not, it happens.

J'aime fumer du poisson.

My Library of Strange and Imaginitive text stuff, including my rather unique Star Trek Fanfic.

How about Music from the 70s?

The original, the world famous, the Jesus Christ Superstore

My very own Sistine Chapel! Here shall my works of art be displayed.

I didn't make this, but I have it. NOTE: Not for the faint of heart

This page may help those of you who aren't particularly fond of windows95. This is the Microscot corporate homepage which is currently under construction. (Optimized for 800x600)

The Page of Penultimate Atheism!

My Library of the past Words Of Infinite Wisdom (TM)

My List Of Things That Are Bad

This is actually a serious moment in my Pit. This section is devoted
to the Works of She who's words stir even the coldest of hearts.
Higher praise I cannot give.

Let there be No More Barney!

Have you ever wondered about your computer's security on the Internet?
This is Remedial Jeopardy

The Sarah McLachlan Image Shrine Of Penultimate Darkness. Right now it has no thumbnails, just resized images, and is therefore not for the faint of bandwidth. I'll fix it when I'm good and ready.

Links to people's sites whose stuff isn't mine, but who have won, or are going to win, the (Official)
Wildsong Award For Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word ' Fuck ' On A Serious Website.

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If you need me, just email. You know how to do that don't you? Just put your cursor here and click.

BuggerBe steel, ma cheeldreyan! An' tunn away, tunn awaaaaaay from the foces of the Gates!

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