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Since I put this site up, whenever that was, I've received a whole lot of mail. And not all of it friendly. There are people out there who hate me! Here's what some of the winners who wrote to me have to say... I've included a small selection of some of my favourites. (And I've cut the message headers. You know who you are.)
I keep the quickies at the top and the long ones at the bottom.

Ok, that's sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.

-Very succinct. You have to admire this person's creative use of spelling and punctuation, don't you think? I'm impressed by the enthusiasm, though.

"Fuck you America is the best country in the fucking world!"
-Well, I'm convinced... look who's representing it. You simply can't argue with logic like that. What a delightfully, and indeed may I say typically american attitude. I can see why you would think that, though. Your education system is, what, fourteenth in the world? You've been voted best place to live in the world roughly zero times, you have a massive homeless and unemployed population, and more people are killed in your major cities by violence each year than by any other cause. And on top of that you have such a huge national ego. america is an international joke... no one likes you.
Especially here in Canada. And god knows we have enough of you here. Funny, since america is so wonderful. And will you guys learn to drive for goodness sake? O say can you see the friggin' speed limit already? It's a minimum as well as a maximum, you know. Honestly, it's like you're all 90 years old.

"YOUR SITE IS FULL OF CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AMERICA IS THE MAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Well. Um. What can I say? He has a point.

"Have your stupid seven years of satanic rule over the earth. Jesus will punish you for your sins!"
-You're not getting this whole atheism concept at all, are you? Atheism. No gods. No jesus. No satan. No sins.

"Fuck you canada is fucking lucky to have american here!!!! your just lucky we dont come down there and take over!!!!"
-I hope.. I really hope that this was sent as a joke. Oh no! america is going to come down here and take over Canada!
Yes, Canada, the great white.. south?

-I see. You're leading the fight against terrorism. How does supplying the IRA with weapons and funds so that they can go and blow up English children lead the fight against terrorism? Who put the Taliban in power? america. Who trained Osama bin Laden? america. Who sold the weapons to his troops? And not just his, but to anyone with the money? That would be america. Check out this article from Scientific American.
But why stop there? Let's look at terrorism back home in the good ol' U S of A, shall we? How about american anti-abortion actions? Racial attacks? How many gays have been killed by american terrorism? How many Jews have suffered in anti-semitic violence committed by americans? Take a look at this other article from Scientific American.
But wait! There's more! Korea - millions killed. Vietnam - millions killed. Cambodia - hundreds of thousands killed. Laos - hundreds of thousands killed. Iraq - hundreds of thousands killed. Guatemala - hundreds of thousands killed. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - hundreds of thousands killed. East Timor - hundreds of thousands killed. Nicaragua - tens of thousands killed. El Salvador - tens of thousands killed. Colombia - tens of thousands killed. Dominican Republic - thousands killed. Somalia - thousands killed. Haiti - thousands killed. Yugoslavia - thousands killed. Panama - hundreds killed.
(taken from THE SPEECH GEORGE W. BUSH COULD GIVE: By Doug Morris)

Great job, america. At this rate you'll free us from terrorism in no time.

"If you hate America so much why dont you leave. but remember that if you move outside America you wont have the freedom to say the things your saying. only america has that freedom."
-I see. Only america has freedom of speech. Did you, by any chance, happen to notice which country I'm actually in? I'll give you a hint:

Is that too subtle?
I'm just sorry that the blink tag no longer works.

This one lives here and in McHappy mail, because it appears to be both.

" Hi there,

I checked out your site for a little while longer than I should have, given your apparent stupidity. You have excellent writing skills, especially for a geek. (And an excellent taste in authors, I might add, again despite said stupidity) If only you had something worthwhile to write about! Otherwise, I found your drivel most humourous, even for a scank Brit such as yourself.

My country can kick your country's ass,
-My dad can beat up your dad! Aw. Did the big bad website say something mean about your country? Hmm? Is'm upset? "My country can kick your country's ass." I should bloody hope so. Aside from money, fighting is all you guys care about. You'd suck even more if you were bad at it. Heh, hold onto that though, big fellah. It's all you've got.

"Atheism is just a feel-good crutch for those people who don't want to be held accountable for their actions in the eyes of The Lord."
-*cough cough* *incredulous sputter* *gasp*
Oh, wait... you're serious...

This is another one that lives here and in McHappy mail.

" Subject: Your website sucks!

Dear Canadian Scumbucket,

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know that your website sucks. It is obviously an extension of yourself so therefore you suck as well. Let me add this… Canada sucks! What? You want to know why my country, United States of America, is so great? Okay, I’m glad you inquired… let me tell you…

This country has…well… ummm… well, it has freedom…no, that’s not right… thanks to the Patriot Act 1 and 2… well, we have the greatest school system… no, wait… high school graduates are reading on a 7th grade level…. Okay, okay… how about this… the President is a great… FUCK!!! Okay, I’m getting depressed… do you need a roommate?

Actually, the real reason why I am writing is that I am too lazy to keep searching… where the hell is that flaming pope bit I heard about?

I love your site… and hail Satan (I just like saying that… really gets those Christians going). Thanks for your site and the fun I have had… I’ll probably end up finding that before you reply but I just wanted to write anyway…. BLAME CANADA!!!! Hey, can you say "About" for me… just once… c’mon….!

" Subject: Your site still sucks!

Okay, not really... but I just wanted to let you know that I found the flaming pope bit... how rude... how tasteless... how blasphemous... how fucking funny.... by the way, I read that you were from England so I guess the saying "about" is pointless... unless of course you've been in Canada long enough... huh... well.... give it a try.... I just thought of something... I need to get a life...


I'm not going to rank on you about your website simply because your expressing your opinion, i mean it's your website nobody should be able to tell you what you are allowed to put on there. I'm just wondering though, you seem so intent on badgering CHRISTianity. I was just wondering why that is? Even if you do not beleive in God/Jesus that won't stop thing's that are to come. It is written that in the final days many will turn from god and many will hate those who love him. Your smart, look up how many Margaret's there has been in the last couple of years (if your not too ingnorent). It is also written that in the last days geographical disasters will also increase. Look up those statistics to if your not too busy tearing down something you know NOTHING about. I'm just wondering if you have ever given this CHRISTianity thing your hate so much some thought, or are you just afraid of what is going to come?

-This one was so much fun that I shall post my response here:

I'm not going to rank on you about your website simply because your expressing your opinion, i mean it's your website nobody should be able to tell you what you are allowed to put on there. I'm just

Good point. That's why I say what I think. :) Opinions should be expressed, or there's no point in having them, wouldn't you say?

wondering though, you seem so intent on badgering CHRISTianity. I was just wondering why that is?

Frankly, I have a lot of problems with christianity:

1) it's silly. The whole notion of some supreme being is ridiculous. It doesn't fit with any of the facts that we have, it doesn't make sense on any scientific, logical, reasonable, physiological or any other level. I won't get into details about the flaws in the concept, or in the stories that led to the development of religions in general, and christianity in particular. I should put together a page about that, though, just to make my point of view clear. Most of the stuff I have up at the moment just pokes fun at it, but doesn't really express my views on a point by point basis. The closest I've come so far is the 'religion inc' bit.

2) it's offensive. Not in the sense that I find the notion of a god offensive.. as noted above, I just find it silly. Rather, it's offensive in the things that it has brought about, though it could be argued that that's the fault of the followers, and I'll get to that in a moment. However, you only have to read it to see the horrific things that it relates, and indeed encourages. there's lots of evidence, but I'll settle for recommending the following, if your mind is open enough: - there's nothing there that isn't straight out of the bible, with quotes and everything. How well do you know this book? Go ahead and try it. You might be surprised. You want the truth, don't you?

3) the followers have committed more atrocities throughout history than any terror organisation. The Nazis, for example, don't even come close when it comes to the crimes against humanity that have been committed. Look at the burnings, the stonings, the destruction of precious history, the persecution of innocent people, and the utter hypocrisy of the church. Everywhere you look throughout the history of christianity there's corruption, abuse, violence, death, and mindless destruction.

Even if you do not beleive in God/Jesus that won't stop thing's that are to come.

This is true. There are many things to come. But god's not involved because he's fiction. There's no great plan, no great purpose. We're all just animals trying to make our way. I don't know why religious people are so desperate to find meanings that aren't there.

It is written that in the final days many will turn from god and many will hate those who love him.

And people will start to figure out that there's no such thing as god since there's science to answer the questions. Realise that religion started because people had questions without answers. Why does the world get cold each year? Why does the sky flash sometimes when it rains? For that matter, why does it rain? Initially, it's hard to imagine that these things happen on their own, and so people invented spirits, and then gods, to explain them. But bit by bit, as we've found explanations for these things, the popularity of religion has begun to wane. The stories say that god did this, and god did that. Scientific research says that A happens because of X, Y, and Z, and we can see that by looking at how A interacts with B, C, and D, and most importantly, we can recreate it. Are we gods, then, that we can make the rain? There are explanations for almost everything, and certainly just about everything that religion in general, and christianity in particular, have stories to explain. The difference is that religion presents a single story. Scientific research shows us that the thing that we are investigating is but one part of the enormous tapestry of reality, made up of physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, and so on and so on. Can you deny, for example, that you are an electro-chemical organism? Can you deny that you are constructed of cells? And that those cells are very similar to those of a chimpanzee? Gimme a piece of your skin and a microscope and I'll prove it. Or does satan control microscopes? Do you doubt that lightning is caused by static electricity arcing to earth? Is it god's ire, instead? And if so, how do you explain that it can be recreated in a laboratory? If god has to create life, how do atheists procreate, and more to the point, how did Dolly the sheep clone come to be? Science is based upon fact and theory. You analyse the facts, you come up with a theory that fits them, and you try like hell to disprove that theory. And if you can't, then it holds up for the time being. That is, until another fact comes along to disprove it. Then you rewrite your theory. Religion finds a fact, and makes up an entire story to go around it, making up more facts as it goes. And when those facts contradict other facts, they say that their god moves in mysterious ways, and that contradictions should cause the followers to rely more strongly on their faith. So in spite of the facts, you're supposed to cling to the stories even more when they are disproved. That seems really rational, doesn't it?

Bottom line, many will turn from religion because it's stupid, and when things that have been predicted don't come true, it kind of loses its credibility. The number of religious people in North America is declining rapidly, particularly after jesus didn't show for the rapture when he said he would. god lost a lot of votes there, failing to live up to his campaign promises. Realistically, I know a lot of people, and only about five of them are religious, and only two of those are christians, to the best of my knowledge. Lot of ex-christians, though, and they didn't lose their faith because of my doing. I don't force my opinions on people, and I respect their beliefs, though I might not agree with them. So the number of religious people is dropping. And if these people are being led astray, all god has to do is pop in and say hi. Just one little miracle is all anyone asks. Something that absolutely cannot be scientifically explained, something that could _only_ be god's doing. Think how many souls that would save. Hell, I'd be sold if he could present me with factual evidence of his existence. And yet, he doesn't. So either he's unwilling, which means he's perfectly happy to let everyone go to hell, or he's unable. And if he's unable, he's either not all that powerful after all, or it's because he doesn't exist. Either way, things don't look good for god, do they? No one takes things on faith any more.

Your smart, look up how many Margaret's there has been in the last couple of years (if your not too ingnorent)

I think that I can safely say that I'm not ingnorent, yes. There have been a lot of Steves and Billy's, too. If you read any well known prophet's work, you'll see predictions that are general enough that they can be believed by the thousands of ignorant people who don't look at the big picture. How many people take Nostradamus seriously? And worse yet, how many people believe things that are attributed to people like Nostradamus without bothering to do their research. The 11 Sept 2001 thing.. there was a Nostradamus prophecy flying around the Internet shortly thereafter, and it was a complete hoax, but few people took the time to do the research. Prophecies are meaningless, but people want to believe in something.. anything. They're tired of their empty lives, but rather than take steps to change the lives they lead, they look for solace in a meaningless faith. It's pitiful.

It is also written that in the last days geographical disasters will also increase. Look up those statistics to

Oh, well I'm sold. Come on, that's not evidence. If they had said "and there shall be a city called Seattle, and in that city there shall be a massive earthquake in 2001" then I'd be sold, but to say that things will get worse.. that's too general. My lad, if you look at the statistics yourself you'll see that things are no worse, natural disaster-wise, than they were ten years ago. And don't forget, tectonic plate theory explains all of this neatly. god doesn't. The bible doesn't. It's too general. Ready the prophecy bit above again to see why this is a problem.

if your not too busy tearing down something you know NOTHING about.

Oh, but I do. Part of science, and part of being an atheist, is doing your research. I got a high score on the bible knowledge test. How well do you know your bible? Try it, and see for yourself before you make such claims. Perhaps you know the stories, but if you think that that's all there is to religion, you're really not seeing the big picture.

I'm just wondering if you have ever given this CHRISTianity thing your hate so much some thought,

First off, I don't hate it. I find it objectionable, and silly, and pitiful, and most of all REALLY funny, but it's not worth the effort that it would take to hate it. In fact, the only thing that I can think of that I hate is smoking.

But of course I've given it some thought. A lot of thought. My parents never pushed me in any direction, religiously speaking, when I was growing up. There were copies of all of the religious texts, all of the scientific stuff I wanted, everything. I was left to make my own choice, evaluating the options, seeing what seemed like the truth. I discounted the bible when I was eight. It wasn't even a good read, and as for being the truth, the merest possibility struck me as ridiculous. When I was twenty two I went back and reread it from a more mature angle. It still struck me as utter drivel. To be perfectly honest, I find it hard to believe that people can take it seriously. It's not even well written. But then, people buy scientology, too, and that's even more stupid.

or are you just afraid of what is going to come?

Excuse me while I burst out laughing, but that's so unoriginal. Have you read my hatemail page? Atheism is not a feel good crutch for those who don't want to be held accountable for their actions in the eyes of the lord, largely because there is no lord. Honestly, there's lots to come, but god isn't a part of it. I want to find the truth, not hide from it, and if there were any evidence of a god whatsoever, I would be fascinated. But there isn't. And so I'm fascinated by that. How can so many people believe so strongly in something so incredibly stupid? I wish I could harness religion to generate electricity. I could power all kinds of things. The problem is that it's a diminishing resource, so there's not much point.

I hope that answers your questions.

Hey ass-hole, what have you got to say about your prediction of a U.S. cover-up of the friendly fire incident as of September 16, 2002...good thing no one reads your junk...or the comment from your ex-patriate correspondent in San Francisco...did you think of the Canadian families when you cast your garbage into cyberspace...too bad Google doesn't have a warning that clicking on their search engine might expose one to maniacal diatribes from the outer limits of humanity!

- my response?

:: Hey ass-hole

Oh, come now. That's not very original. Use your imagination when you're trying to insult someone, would you? At least put some effort into it. How terribly disappointing.

:: what have you got to say about your prediction of a
:: U.S. cover-up of the friendly fire incident as of
:: September 16, 2002

Mon ami, if you look at the Random Thoughts page (, you'll see that it says "So the moron yankee pilots who killed four Canadian soldiers have been charged. Wow.. justice after all. Frankly, I'm surprised. Of course, this won't bring back the four men who died through the stupidity of the americans, and I'm sure that it will be of small comfort to their families." Also, I've spoken to a large number of americans since this happened. Most of them have heard nothing about it. And so if you go to and search for Friendly Fire, Canadian Training Facility, Two Pilots, and any one of a number of other strings, there's no mention of either the incident nor the recent resolution. CNN is their biggest news source, you know. So it's resolved but, as I predicted, not reported. Tut tut Howard. A little research before you explode with righteous wrath will make you look far less silly.

:: good thing no one reads your junk

Wow, and to think I don't even have a counter. How on earth did you get so knowledgeable? Actually, my site is rather busy. Hatemail from people like you, as well as the large quantity of very supportive mail from both americans and Canadians is a good indicator. Try reading the McHappy Mail page, Howard. It's mostly in small words. You know, just last night I got a message from an american saying that everything I have said is right, but asking that I realise that it doesn't apply to all americans. And I do realise that, of course. Some of the stupid, obnoxious people are right here in Canada, apparently.

:: or the comment from your ex-patriate correspondent
:: in San Francisco

Actually, that was posted on, which is where I found it. I think people probably read it. You've heard of, right? It's where they report the news. Are you sure you read the Friendly Fire article? Could have sworn I mentioned where I found that post.

:: did you think of the Canadian families when you

It's the families of the dead of whom I was thinking in the first place. After all, the dead don't care.. they're dead, right? And they knew that they might die going in, even from friendly fire. It's their families for whom I feel sorry because they can't even say that their boys were killed as heroes. They died because of a stupid mistake, and though the pilots are now being charged, that won't undo the damage. Absolutely I thought of the families. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been so upset by the entire situation, and moved to write the article. Now, read the article again, and see whether you can understand it this time.

:: cast your garbage into cyberspace

Please. "Cyberspace" is so 1997.

:: too bad Google doesn't have a warning that clicking on
:: their search engine might expose one to maniacal diatribes

Maniacal? How do you get that? I wouldn't call myself a maniac. Rather, someone with strong opinions regarding our loud-mouthed, incompetent neighbours, and the deaths of my fellow Canadians at the hands of those neighbours. Would you call being upset at something as serious as that maniacal? How, then, would you define your own ranting? Hmm?

:: from the outer limits of humanity!

Now now, I wouldn't call Vancouver the outer limits of humanity. I mean, yes, we're on the coast, but c'mon...

cheerful regards,

"We're there to support them because of the violence they've brought against themselves in the form of terrorism through their own acts of irresponsibility and stupid..."

Terrorist enabler
[distasteful vomiting stick figure animated gif snipped because I don't want it on my site]


- my response:

Not the most specific comment in the world Are you saying that I'm a terrorist enabler (whatever that means) because I think that the yankees are stupid for bombing their own allies? Does that, then, mean that you think that bombing ones allies is the opposite of terrorism?

Let me ask you something: how do you define terrorism? Would you define it as the use of fear to control a population, largely through threats of violence?

How would you describe what the bush government is doing, then, with its orange alerts and warnings of terrorists hiding in the general public, and its citizens spying on each other? An environment of fear has been built in america not by the terrorists, but by the government itself.
A terrorist says "Do what we say or something violent will happen. Like an anthrax attack on your city. Or the use of weapons of mass destruction."
The bush government says "Do what we say or something violent may happen. Like an anthrax attack on your city. Or the use of weapons of mass destruction."
Do you see a difference? Swap the names around, they're still scare tactics, still one party using fear to control the other. The difference is that the bush administration is using terrorism on its own people. The more scared the people are, the more likely they are to do what the government tells them. It's a frighteningly large scale puppet act, with terrorism as the strings. It's like the mafia protection racket.

Oh, wait, you were talking about what I called "... their own acts of irresponsibility and stupid, pointless shows of force designed to make them look big and tough."

Ok, so which part of that is inaccurate, would you say? Oh, I know.. it's the part about their irresponsibility. Right, that's completely wrong. That whole thing where they pulled out of the nuclear accord so that they could build an ineffective missile defence platform wasn't irresponsible, even though it has pushed tensions between america and Russia back way up almost to where they were, after decades of trying to settle it all. And that North Korea thing? Pshaw.. that's not irresponsible, even though it came very, very close to starting a nuclear war. And that's just recent history. But wait, what about the stupid, pointless shows of force? Like the invasion of Iraq, which turns out to be completely unjustified. Just as we all knew it was in the first place. Oh, but that turned the public's attention away from the fact that their economy was the lowest that it has ever been, that their national debt is now greater than any nation has ever had before (, so maybe it wasn't pointless. Well, that makes it ok then.
And that's just recent history. A lot of waving around of guns and looking tough, showing the world who's the biggest, strongest nation. Is it any wonder that some of the nations that they push around want to get back at them? Look at Canada. How often have we been the target of terrorism? Go and look it up. I'll wait.
No, exactly, because we don't cause any trouble where we don't have to. Sure, we have peacekeepers, but we don't go and beat up countries just to show how tough we are. You tell me which is the better policy. The results speak for themselves. We're not a target for terrorists. The first duty of a government is to protect the people. That's the reason governments exist. They exist for the good of the people, because a large group cannot rule itself. By going out and rousing international hatred against their country, particularly in nations where extremists are likely to commit terrorist acts, the american government has failed completely at its appointed task. It has failed to do the thing which justifies its existence. Oh, now it's gone and invaded Afghanistan to destroy the terrorists, but somehow I don't think that it will make things better for the people who died as a result of the attacks that were provoked by the american government's actions and policies. Or for the families of the Canadians killed by the dangerously inept american military.

So you tell me, who makes the terrorists? People like me, who look critically at the situation and point out the problems, or governments like the american one, which turn the tide of public opinion world-wide against their own countries? It's easy to jump on the bandwagon, wave a flag and become part of the mob mentality so that you don't have to think for yourself, but if you really look at the situation, if you actually read the facts and see what's happened, the blatant cause and effect nature of the "war on terror," if you actually think, you'll realise who is actually promoting the fear, and who stands to gain the most from it.

Take care

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